I am pleased to share with you my vision about blockchain technology can change the business all around the world.

The ability of blockchain to track, trace and authenticate products, record contracts, guarantee the movement of information and record transactions proves it can be used across the entire value chain, benefitting consumers and businesses alike.

Bychkov Alexander CEO and Co-founder of B-I-G.PRO PTE. LTD
Blockchain International Group is always a point breaker

Blockchain is a viable technology to provide a single source of truth for data. Future industry standards are written directly as smart contracts instead of published as PDF documents. It is important for businesses to understand how much blockchain can generate additional commercial value and how it aligns with the overall business strategy.

  • Reliability records can't be lost
  • Convenience easy entry and viewing
  • Transparency records auditable
  • Validation records can't be forged

How blockchain can help banking industry?
Blockchain technology can potentially disrupt the financial industry that we know and use today.

Fraud Reduction

Most banking systems around the world are built on a centralized database that is more vulnerable to cyberattack because it has one point of failure rather than many—once hackers breach the one system they have full access. The blockchain is essentially a distributed ledger where each block contains a timestamp and holds batches of individual transactions with a link to a previous block.

Smart Contracts

Because blockchains can store any kind of digital information, including computer code that can be executed once two or more parties enter their keys, blockchains enable us to have smart contracts.

Know your Customer (KYC)
Blockchain would allow the independent verification of one client by one organization to be accessed by other organizations so the KYC process wouldn't have to start over again.


Blockchain disruption could be highly transformative in the payments process. It would enable higher security and lower costs for banks to process payment between organizations and their clients and even between banks themselves.

The team of project is a solidary group of like-minded people who have a serious and successful business development experience
Kam Vongsakoun
Nicola Kardashov
Chief Marketing Officer
Order Of Manitude LP
Technology Partner
Oleg Dobrovolsky
Chief Financial Officer

B-I-G advantages
We are a team of like-minded professional with outstanding experience in successfully running blockchain and financial projects with support of hi-class lawyers.
We will make BTC, ETH and LTC be acceptable for your business

Cross-boarding payments in local and crypto currencies

Create comfortable legislation system for blockchain projects and crypto investments

Launch ICO (ITO) from scratch to success (more than USD 100 000 000 collected already)

Create wallets, exchanges, atomic swaps

Provide blockchain solutions to solve infrastructure problems (airlines, airports, food tracking, quality control)

Created world-wide marketing campaign (North and South America, China, Asia, Europe and Russia)

Fluent English speaking experts can make an educational program to introduce blockchain to locals
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