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IT Outsoursing

Designed for companies with 50-1000 employees, our IT outsourcing solution allows you to give us full responsibility for your end users and your infrastructure.

IT Outstaffing

The IT outstaffing model is a great business model for large and continuous projects, as well as for companies that already have a properly managed team of software developers, but need to scale quickly.

You can hire the right developer, or we can allocate an entire dedicated remote development team ready to get to work right away.

IT Managment

IT Outsourcing is changing the way businesses manage and operate their information systems. The BIG process starts with understanding your business objectives, and how IT can be leveraged to deliver better results for your business. A senior IT executive works with you to develop an overall IT strategy and project plan to align technology, processes, and people with your key business objectives.

DevOps as a Service

Software infrastructure, both cloud-based and on-premises, needs to be monitored, maintained, supported, and improved over time. Our DevOps engineers help with resource optimization, load balancing, and scale adjustments. They also help create projects, configure and maintain secure environments, remote configuration, and security recommendations.

Vulnerabilities Scanning

The Website Vulnerability Scanner is a custom tool written by our team to quickly assess the security of web applications. It is a full-featured web application scanner capable of performing a comprehensive security assessment of any type of web application.

Monitoring Systems

A versatile monitoring system that can be used for any application in the IT environment: networks, servers, apps, databases. Its use goes beyond the purely technical, as it allows business levels to get real-time information about what's bothering them by visualizing data directly from a single tool.


Blockchain is a viable technology to provide a single source of truth for data. Future industry standards are written directly as smart contracts instead of published as PDF documents. It is important for businesses to understand how much additional commercial value blockchain can generate and how it aligns with the overall business strategy.

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